Avoid doing this to your Air Cons

Your Air Cons

Let us take a quick tip through this blog about air conditioners. Whether it is a 1.5 ton non inverter split AC or a window AC , you must think twice before opening it up and performing a task. Anything besides replacing an air filter is qualified to be called as an intrusion to an area that requires technical expertise. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Patching Refrigerant Leaks

When the air conditioner is making a noisy hiss or bubbling noise. It generally means that there’s a refrigerant leak somewhere in the machine. Don’t be mistaken by the poor DIY tricks, because they will not work! In fact as a note of caution, refrigerant can be harmful to breathe in, and dangerous to your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin. It is only a matter of expertise for the experts and trained professionals with the right equipment. Moreover, this problem can occur in any type of AC, 1.5 ton non inverter split AC, inverter split AC, window AC etc.

In extension to its harm, for general untrained people to work with—but you’ll likely cause more harm than good. You are poorly mistaken if you think a duct tape is all you need to patch your air conditioner’s refrigerant line and call it a day. These tasks require expert evaluation and a well-trained eye to ensure that everything is done according to the norm. Don’t make things worse, call your technician.

Opening up Your Air Conditioner

1.5 ton AC Price in BD is not something you take lightly, so think before you try taking matters in own hand. It must have occurred to your mind that you could open up your system to provide a targeted repair? You could be wondering “it won’t be too hard to get in there and solve the issue, but you are wrong! The moment you think of opening up the air conditioner there are a multiple red flags to be warned of!  Firstly, you could be sabotaging the machine’s warranty by opening it up and repairing  it yourself. Secondly, there is a high risk that you will be able to identify the issue and rectify it with the little knowledge and tool!  Don’t take this risk instead just call a professional who’d do this for you with expertise.


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