Room Air Conditioners (Home Air Conditioners)

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  • The air conditioner produces an unpleasant odor.

    Room, furniture and cigarette smoke odors enter the indoor unit and remain in the unit. When the air conditioner is turned on, it blows the accumulated odors together with air. (It is recommended to clean the inside of the indoor unit. Call the contact center.)

    • The power cord and plug are extremely hot or damaged.
    • Abnormal noise is produced during operation.
    • Foreign items or water entered the air conditioner accidentally.
    • Circuit breaker, fuse or earth leakage circuit breaker trips frequently.
    • The ON switch or button sometimes fails to operate the air conditioner.
    • Burning odors are produced.
    • Water leaks from the indoor unit.
    • The Operation lamp blinks, and the temperature indicator displays two alphanumeric characters.
      (The display indicates the type of error. Check the alphanumeric characters and notify your dealer when requesting a repair.)