Does size matter? When it comes to your AC, it does!

Air conditioners are an essential part of our daily lifestyle. Although, looking for the correct Daikin AC to meet your home’s unique requirements could be a little confusing. The very first question that might cross your mind while searching for a new air conditioning system is the size. No, we do not mean the size, and physical dimensions of the air conditioning unit. We are here referring to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. You might have seen “12000 BTU 1.5 Ton Inverter AC” written on a manufacturer’s website or if you go to buy an air conditioning unit in person, the salesperson might say these phrases and you might not know what they are referring to. This is exactly why you should continue reading further.

Find the perfect size!

Your house has various aspects that may affect the size of the Daikin air conditioner that you need, such as the room size, the floor you are living on, whether it is sun facing or not, insulation level, etc. For instance, a 12000 BTU air conditioner will only be fit for a specific room setup. The same applies to other sizes of Daikin AC.

Why is finding the right size important?

  • Bigger in size: Although investing in a bigger-sized Daikin AC might seem like a safer option, we hate to burst your bubble, but it is actually not. If you buy a higher capacity air conditioner it will pile up on your electricity bills, making you pay extra every month.
  • Smaller in size: A smaller-sized air conditioner will not be enough to provide adequate cooling for your home, making the atmosphere worse.

Calculate the right size

The major factor that determines the Daikin AC capacity here is the size of the room. You have to measure the total area or volume of the room. Then calculate the BTUs or tonnage required. But if you still need help, you may consult the AC manufacturer who can also help you with finding the 1.5 ton Inverter Split Ac Price in Bangladesh. As there may be other factors that affect the cooling capacity of the AC, they will look into your individual needs and assist you in finding the best AC.


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