Major Reasons To Buy an Inverter AC in 2023

Major Reasons To Buy an Inverter AC in 2023

The rapid advancements in technology have brought in more comfort and savings for today’s households. In regard to air conditioning industry, the introduction of inverter technology has not just made air conditioners more efficient but durable too. Though buying an inverter AC may cost a bit more than a 1 Ton non-inverter split AC, there are several benefits of using an inverter that negate the benefits associated with a non-inverter air conditioner.

What is an inverter AC?

Just like a normal air conditioner, an inverter air conditioner features an air compressor which functions to cool a designed area. However, this type of AC used a variable speed compressor motor than a fixed speed compressor motor.

The compressor motor of an inverter AC runs at an extremely high speed. Therefore, the required power to turn on the motor is more. However, when the AC touches the set temperature level, the motor’s speed comes down. In such a scenario, the compressor does not turn on and off automatically like a typical AC. This recurrent start and stoppage of the motor eats up more power. In addition, this type of mechanism causes no or minimal temperature fluctuations. This results in elevated levels of comfort. The higher preliminary speed of the inverter compressor motor is later enhanced to consume less power and make immense power savings.

Now, let us look at the reasons why you should consider buying an inverter air conditioning unit in 2023.

1. Money Saving

The compressor of inverter air conditioners does not turn on and off repeatedly like its counterparts. When set temperature is attained, the compressor motor will slow down the speed of it by up to 50%. This way, an inverter air conditioner eats up less power results in money savings.

On the other hand, typical air conditioners do not follow this mechanism and run at fixed speed. This repeated on and off functionality of compressor motor consumes more power.

2. Faster Cooling

According to a study, inverter air conditioners can extend their compressor’s performance by 20%. For example, Daikin FTKL Series or ACs as a rated cooling capacity of 12000 BTU and its optimum graded cooling capacity is 24200 BTU. On the contrary, the cooling capacity of standard ACs is stationery. Hence, inverter ACs have been found to cool a room faster.

3. More Comfort

Inverter air conditioners can decrease their compressor motor speed to attain the set room temperature level. Therefore, the temperature of the room will stay constant resulting in better sleep and comfort.

Conversely, non-inverter air conditioners switch on and off their motor recurrently to uphold the desired temperature level. However, a 1 ton non-inverter split AC sometimes over cool or under cool the room during the operations.

4. Quieter Operation

This is another big advantage of using an inverter AC. Since the compressor motor of such an AC only changes its speed and avoids total shutdown of the compressor, it causes lesser noise during its operation. On the other hands, a non-inverter AC product more noise due to the continuous start and stoppage of compressor during the operation.

5. Air Filtration

A majority of air conditioner brands typically feature more inverter air conditioner models as compared to non-inverter ones. Hence, medium to premium-level inverter units sometimes come with enhanced air purification systems such as PM2.5 filters. This way, they provide much cleaner air to residents. In addition, most inverter air conditioners come with an ionizer which provides much better air than non-inverter air conditioners.

The Conclusion

If you want to get the best 1 Ton AC Price in BD, it is recommended to consider inverter air conditioners that let you save more down the line. Though a 1-ton non-inverter split AC would cost you less initially, it may eat up more money in coming years.


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