Transform the AC units from eyesore to what a sight!

Transform the AC

Let us agree on one thing without an argument that our Air conditioner is our perfect comforting partner after a long tiring day of work. We all enjoy a good night sleep in our air conditioned homes that helps us stay relaxed. But from being an air conditioner to air purifying agent, air conditioner is entering more and more into our lives not merely as a comforting partner but as a necessity. But oftentimes, Residential Air Conditioning Systems owners are seen disappointed with the large AC units becoming an eyesore to the beautifully decorated home interiors!

At the time of installing, a window air conditioner with an outdoor unit weirdly hanging out, interfering with your beautiful patio view or gallery scenario. Likewise, if the indoor unit doesn't fit appropriately with the colour and interior of your room, and can tarnish the otherwise perfect looking and modernly designed interior.

That's it, though! That was all you had to worry about, as in this blog we will give you multiple ways you can disguise, pretty up and hide your AC units outside!

In this blog we have crafted well researched 15 brilliant ideas that will help you hide your window or through the wall air cons, for your interior and outdoor spaces. These ideas are DIY guru's favourites and hence very simple and easy to formulate by homeowners. Let us get started!

Some important things to remember when disguising your Window AC Unit,

Maintain Room ventilation

The outdoor unit from your best Air Conditioner Manufacturers AC takes out the generated heat produced during its course of action and covering too much might overheat your unit.

Best Air Conditioner Manufacturers

You can achieve and maintain the needed temperature of your preference, when pairing your window AC with an external window AC thermostat or smart AC controller. This will automate the climate inside your space and add features like weekly scheduling, area-based controls, convenient mode of action, utilisation analysis and much more!

Your Air con should not be far from reach

Whenever you want to camouflage your AC unit, assure that the unit is accessible and within your reach for basic AC tune up and regular maintenance. You should be able to remove the AC cover easily without any hindrance.

When using shrubs to hide the unit, it's also important to keep them trimmed, so it stays within reach.


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