Types of residential Air conditioning system available

Residential Air Conditioning

Here's a rundown of the most popular air conditioning systems found in today's homes:

Window Air Conditioning

This is the most popular form of single-room residential air conditioning system. The compressor, condenser, and both evaporator and cooling coils are all contained within a single unit. The name comes from the fact that these air conditioners are mounted in a slot on the wall or, more generally, through a window sill. To prevent heat intrusion and ensure air conditioner quality, the region where the device meets the wall opening must be sealed.

Split-system Air Conditioning

Consider buying a packed air conditioner instead if you need to cool more than one room or even the whole house with a single unit.

An outdoor unit and an indoor unit make up a split air conditioner. The compressor, condenser, and expansion valve are housed in the outdoor unit, which is free-standing and mounted outside the room. The evaporator and cooling coils, as well as the cooling fan, are housed in the much smaller indoor unit, which is mounted on a wall.

Split air conditioners, unlike window-mounted systems, need a much smaller hole to fit the connecting piping. This gives you more choices for unit positioning, as you can mount the outdoor unit out of sight, even on a flat roof. Some air conditioners also have a built-in heating feature that produces heat and blows it into the room on cold days.

Best of the air conditioner manufacturers like Daikin, Hitachi, General etc have best line ups for split A.C

Packaged type Air Conditioner

Like its window-mounted equivalent, the single-unit setup has all components housed in a single box, with cool air blowing through the ductwork by a high-capacity blower. Another choice is a split-system air conditioner with several indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit, similar to a split-system air conditioner.

All-Weather Air Conditioning

All-Weather Heating and Air Conditioning is the best name to consider if the climate conditions available are on extreme ends of the heat and cold.


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