Prediction by Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Predicting Breakdowns Ahead of Time

Trouble such as abnormal stopping or unexpected repairs can be significantly reduced by an online system developed by Daikin that remotely monitors air conditioners.

Daikin Advantage

Preventing Breakdowns Remotely

Deterioration and abnormalities are detected early by online diagnostics (remote monitoring) performing year-round, 24-hour protection of HVAC equipment.

Trusted Support for Emergencies

Engineers are rapidly mobilized when trouble starts. Prompt action is possible by the control center from advanced indication of cause of trouble.

Energy Savings

Excessive loads from such situations as grimy devices are controlled and instances of wasteful power consumption are reduced.

Devices for Long Product Life

Checking for dirty heat exchangers and air filters in indoor units, abnormalities in fans and compressors in outdoor units, and refrigerant leaks can prevent excessive loads and extend service life of products.


Data sent by the local controller is remotely monitored to provide service staff with advance notice when trouble occurs and enable a prompt response.

Example of Overhaul for a Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor