Your one stop guide to which Daikin AC to choose, Daikin AC Price in Bangladesh and a lot more

Your one stop guide

Daikin is one of the trusted brands in today’s world. Upgrade to a split AC by browsing through Daikin 1.5 ton split ACs online store! With a multitude of features, such as minimal maintenance, easy installation, 3D airflow, power-chill operation, and Coanda Airflow technology, Daikin ACs have been satisfying customers all across the country. Optimally designed and primarily focused to provide utmost comfort, Daikin air conditioners provide pleasant air conditioning in the entire room. Here are a few things to make your purchase a lot more easier and efficient:

1. To Split or not to Split?

jtkj-seriesA split conditioner will require more space in terms of one unit inside the house and the compressor unit placed outside the house. However, one needs to take note that it is often difficult to find a big opening for window AC in flats and then choosing a Split AC is the only option left. Moreover, the biggest benefit of a split AC is that it can be installed to any distance without hindering the air ventilation. In contrast, with window AC, one is restricted to install at small window openings wherever proper ventilation is available. Daikin ACs have been designed to withstand high corrosive environment and comes with features such as Dust PM2.5 Filter, ECONO mode, Coanda airflow, extra chill operation and more. Moreover, inverter technology split air conditioner would not only aid you in saving your utility bills but also add to the style quotient of your space. A 24000 BTU inverter split AC price in Bangladesh would range anywhere between ৳ 45,000.00 to ৳ 65,000.00 and more. Go for Daikin’s split AC series—FTKL, JTKJ, and FTL series to enjoy unlimited features and salubrious air conditioning experience!

2. Air conditioners that add to the décor!

FTLAn advantage that split ACs have over window ACs is that the compressor of the split air conditioner is placed outside and quite far away from the space to be air conditioned, and therefore, they produce almost no or negligible noise. Along with their quiet operation, split ACs are often chosen by consumers to add to the aesthetics of their home spaces as the bulk of the unit is outside the room. Also, if you are someone who puts more importance on the interior aesthetics and factors like quiet operation, then split ACs would suit well to your needs. Get an elegance-loaded air conditioning experience with Daikin’s FTL Series. Designed keeping in mind’s today’s dynamic air conditioning needs, this series strives to deliver comfortable room conditions & maximize energy Savings

3. Energy Efficiency

VRV XThe power consumption and energy efficiency of both the variants (split and window) depend a lot on the star rating. Higher the star rating, the more efficient is the AC. For instance, a 5 -star AC will consume almost 10% less power than a 4-star AC. Thus, there is a 10% difference in energy consumption with increase in just one star. So, if you are buying an AC for a small room and normal usage with respect to time, a 3-star 1.5-ton window AC would be an ideal choice. However, if you are buying an AC for a bigger space, and for the usage of 15 hours a day, choose a 5-star 1-ton split AC to save more energy and money on utility bills. All air conditioner manufacturers in Bangladesh are aware of the energy efficiency rating of the air conditioner unit; you can also ask the retailers in case of any confusion. Also, nowadays, VRV technology is most preferred in modern households because of the various advanced features that it comes with. Daikin’s VRV X air conditioning system with innovating VRT technology offers an enhanced line-up to meet an ever-widening variety of needs, while improving energy savings, comfort and ease of installation. The VRV X is the most advanced air conditioning system in the world and is ideal for small and large spaces.

Next time you head out to buy an air conditioner for your space, keep these factors in mind before swiping off your card.


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