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Welcome the new age of air conditioning! Loaded with salient features, Daikin’s FTKL Series redefine modern air conditioning. Some of its great features are econo mode, Coanda airflow, Power chill operation and more.

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Salient Features

Coanda airflow

Coanda airflow
Make way for effective air circulation and efficient temperature distribution with Daikin’s Coanda airflow, designed to give the best air-conditioning experience. This function ensures cooling at corners of the room by streaming cool air upwards along the ceiling avoiding furniture or obstruction.

Econo mode

Econo mode
Set the limit for power consumption with Daikin's ECONO mode feature. This function enables efficient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption. This mode is one step towards Daikin's future innovation.

Good sleep off timer

Good sleep off timer
You can prevent excessive cooling of the room during sleep by setting a temperature shift value. The air conditioner automatically stops after the pre-set time has elapsed. The set temperature increases by 0.5°C in 30 minutes until the total increase reaches the specified shift value.

Indoor unit quiet operation

Indoor unit quiet operation
Your peace is here to stay with Daikin air conditioners indoor unit quiet operation. It optimises the airflow speed according to low noise level to give an uninterrupted comfort you desire. Switch on your Daikin AC and enjoy peaceful air conditioning experience.

Power chill operation

Power chill operation
Cool down your house so fast even when outside temperature is soaring. Daikin's Power Chill operation Cools down 20% faster as compared to normal mode. Power chill ensures room temperature drops rapidly for immediate comfort.


Model name Indoor unit FTKL12TV16WD FTKL18TV16TD FTKL24TV16TD
Outdoor unit RKL12TV16WD RKL18TV16TD RKL24TV16TD
Power supply 1 φ 50Hz 230V 1 φ 50Hz 230V 1 φ 50Hz 230V
(220-240V) (220-240V) (220-240V)
  Power supply intake Outdoor unit Outdoor unit Outdoor unit
Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (min.~max.) kW 3.5/1.75 (1.75~3.5) 5.28 (1.7 ~5.5) 7.1/3.55 (2.1~7.5)
Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (min.~max.) Btu/h 12000/5970 (5970~12000) 18000 (5800~18800) 24200/12113 (7200~25600)
Power consumption Rated Full/Half (min.~max.) W 1110/468 (468-1110) 1740 (431~2025) 2410/780 (600-3100)
EER / COP W/W 3.15 3.03 2.95
Voltage Range V 160-265 160-265 160-265
Operating current Cooling A 4.87 7.64 10.6
Indoor unit
Panel colour White White White
Dimensions HxWxD mm 298x800x229 310x1100x239 310x1100x239
(Package dimensions) mm (375X895X325) 385 x 1230 x 330 (330x1230x385)
Weight (Gross) kg 10 (14) 11 (16) 13 (18)
Airflow rate m3/min. 13.4 16.2 20.4
473 572 720
Operation sound H/M/ML/L/SL Cooling dBA 40/36/32/29/26 45/40/35/-- 49/47/45/42/39
Outdoor unit
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 550x765x285 595x845x300 595x845x300
(Package dimensions) mm (642x932x380) (680x1035x410) (680x1035x410)
Weight (Gross) kg 26(33) 34 (42) 39(47)
Operation sound H/L Cooling dBA 51/-- 54/-- 58/--
Refrigerant (Amount)   R32(0.56kg) R32(0.68 kg) R32(1.05kg)
Breaker size A 15 20 20
Piping length Charge-less m 10 10 10
Max. length m 20 20 30
Max. height m 15 10 20
Piping connection Gas/Liquid mm Φ9.5/ 6.4 Φ12.7 / 6.4 Φ15.9/ 6.4
Operation limit Cooling oCDB 19.4~50 19.4~50 19.4~50

Measurement conditions:

  • Cooling capacity is based on: indoor temp. 27° CDB, 19° CWB; outdoor temp. 35° CDB, piping length 5 m.
  • Sound levels are based on temperature conditions 1. above with 5m piping length. These are anechoic conversion values. These values are normally somewhat higher during actual operation as a result of ambient conditions.

Cooling and heating capacities above are rounded off to first decimal. 1TR (Ton of Refrigeration) = ~3.517 kilowatt.